Sashless Double Hung Window

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Designer Series | Series 614

ClearVENT™ Sashless Double Hung Window
ClearVENT™ Sashless Double Hung Window
  • This sashless double hung window has been tested for compliance with the relevant Australian Standards.
  • This sashless double hung window achieved a high water resistance of 300Pa.
  • 102mm frames, mullions and transoms have a soft 2mm internal radius.
  • Sashes can be secured with key or non-key locking shoot bolt type lock.
  • The main feature with this ClearVENT™ window is the clear unobtrusive vision as there are no horizontal central sash rails. As one sash is lifted the other lowers (the sashes are joined via cords and pulleys).
  • A fixed sill glass panel can be fitted into the ClearVENT™ window to make it easy for top ventilation only. This fixed sill panel could also be used on tall windows in elevated installations as a safety barrier (check the requirements of local authorities). ClearVENT™ windows can be fitted with external flyscreens. Special extrusions have been cut to make sure this detail matches the overall window design, no turn buckles required. If you don’t require screens we have extrusions to suit this situation.
  • The awning window is compatible (appearance) with the high performance MAGNUM™ horizontal sliding, awning and casement windows. A large range of snap couplers allow these (102 and 50mm) windows to be joined at 90º, 135º and 180º without unsightly rivets or screws.