Bi-Fold Doors

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Bi-Fold Doors

Smooth, reliable operation and superb design are the hallmarks of the Vantage Bi-fold door system. Vantage Bi-folds have a reliable bottom-mounted roller
system for smooth, reliable performance. Our heavy duty quad rollers run on a matching double track for optimum performance and support – this ensures heavy panels
operate easily. Vantage Bi-folds are available to a maximum panel height of 2.6m. Alternatively, 3m panel heights can be achieved through the utilisation of AWS Commercial Bi-fold

Where you have an uneven number of panels, it is a good idea is to include a hinged door in a Bi-fold door set, this allows convenient exit or entry without opening up the
Bi-fold. Where possible it is a good idea is to include a hinged door in a Bi-fold door set, this allows convenient exit or entry without opening up the Bi-fold.

  • Bi-fold doors run on rollers at the sill ensuring they don’t pull the bi-fold door lintel down and therefore they work smoothly over the long haul. Top clearance allows up to 6mm of lintel movement.
  • Series 548 bi-fold door transoms have a narrow profile. This allows a designer to include 2100mm-high doors plus an overlight in a standard 2400mm-high opening. (Opening sashes as well as fixed overlights are available).
  • Very deep water ‘head’ at the bottom. The bigger this measurement – from drainage hole to the inside leg – the more assured the water drainage in wet or stormy conditions.
  • The Vantage Series 548 High Performance Bi-fold door features an unusual design embellishment – extra wide top and bottom rails that give the door the chunky appearance of traditional timber designs.
  • The centre hinge between bi-fold door panels has a built-in handle to allow the home owner to easily pull the panels back into the closed position.

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